DVD Kyusho Jitsu

DVD Kyusho Jitsu.

For whom is looking for good DVD material about the use of kyusho jitsu, there is the webshop: www.daochishop.eu

There you can find a package of 4 DVD under the title of “Secrets of the Ancient Masters”. This is a very good introduction package for those who want to get a good impression of kyusho and to start learning on their own.

Those who want more, can go for the double DVD “Pressure Point Applications” with more than 75 techniques (with kyusho and Fa Jin) applied in 18 realistic self defence situations. You will also receive for free an interactive CD rom who will help you to find real fats and easy the location of the pressure points on the human body. One can also purchase this CD separately

Want to see some nice video about the use of kyusho jitsu? Just visit the youtube site of Kyusho/Dim Mak grandmaster Theo De Gelaen: nl.youtube.com/theodegelaen

More about him you can find on: www.theodegelaen.be